Thursday, September 16, 2010


Agnosticism is the belief that something may or may not be here...or there, everywhere or nowhere. Thinking or Denying that something may have created us or will end up killing us.

I myself am neutral on the matter, I don't follow any deity nor do I believe that there may be something out there greater than we all know. When I am stressed with matters I do not wish to deal with or matters I simply cannot deal with I do call upon God for help... Any showing of guidance would help significantly, but I have never gotten any, nor did I when I did follow god.

I am not saying that one should disown God due to the fact that he has not helped, guided, or acknowledged you because calling upon help only when you need it is a bit selfish, I myself admit to such a deed but that does not mean I do not believe in god, nor do I turn down "proof" or "disproof" that he may or may not exist.

That is what Agnosticism is to me


  1. Very relevant to my interests, you have my sword and support. I am agnostic as well bro

  2. You and me are defiantly on similar wavelengths.